Summer 2017 in 80 photos

I’m sat in my fleeze in my living room waiting for work and uni to start back up in the coming weeks; all this means that summer 2017 is over.

I’ve honestly had the best season in a very long time. I’ve worked ridiculous hours in ridiculous conditions, seen and experienced things I never thought I would, created memories with friends that will last a lifetime.

To everyone who has been with me in this crazy ride we’ve called summer and festival season: thank you for everything and I love you so much.

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Festival season 2k16

Festival season is over and as such I’m in mourning.

I’ve had the absolute best summer of my life doing exactly what I love and doing it with friends, both new and old.

I have worked seven festivals this year and even though I’m exhausted, my feet hurt from wearing my cheap £12 wellies and I don’t want to see another porta potti in at least another year it has been, without a doubt, the best experience of my life.

I have never been so sure that I want to work with festivals and events as I am now. At every festival I’ve just about had the time to take a minute to appreciate everything around me and the fact that this is my life and that it’s amazing.

I can’t explain this feeling with mere words or photos so I’ll just leave you with the knowledge and reassurance that I absolutely love my life, I’m so happy to be where I am at the moment and also, I’m going to sleep for a full week because I’m so tired!

I love you all!