It’s been an intense month, and it’s not finished just yet.

If you’re not aware because you have an actual life and what not, it’s been Brighton Festival, Fringe Festival and The Great Escape over here in our little town. Thankfully I’m not involved in all three, but just two of them.

Brighton Festival runs all month and working with the Dome I’m part of the technician team that runs about four venues, every night. It’s been nice to see all the shows and don’t even get me started on all the things I’ve learned, but damn we’ve been spread out so thin with staff so we have all been on 12-16h shifts all month.

The Great Escape is a weekend festival in the city and it is packed with so much music over so many venues (some including the venues I work at with the Dome). I helped out my uni with their stage one day and then I had actual work the rest of the days. On top of that I wanted to enjoy TGE as it is one of my favourite weekends of the year.

To say I am exhausted, constantly de-hydrated and that I haven’t been eating properly this whole month would be just about right. This past week my body has caught up with me. Had to go home early from work on Wednesday because I was feeling ill, went home early from my internship on Thursday because I was feeling ill, took my call time down from 14h to 4h yesterday and have the day off today because I just can not function. I’m so tired I just want sleep.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and my colleagues and I’m so happy that I have this situation and all the things I’m learning. However, I’m so tired and now and I just want to get on a flight and go to Sweden just to relax a little. Four more days of work and then I’m on that flight out and not coming back in two weeks.

Sorry about the rant and the complaining, just had to get it out somewhere and that’s why I have this little blog of mine! But I do love my job and my colleagues and festivals and my life and I really am happy with all of it, I’m just exhausted and naggy haha!


Festival season 2k16

Festival season is over and as such I’m in mourning.

I’ve had the absolute best summer of my life doing exactly what I love and doing it with friends, both new and old.

I have worked seven festivals this year and even though I’m exhausted, my feet hurt from wearing my cheap £12 wellies and I don’t want to see another porta potti in at least another year it has been, without a doubt, the best experience of my life.

I have never been so sure that I want to work with festivals and events as I am now. At every festival I’ve just about had the time to take a minute to appreciate everything around me and the fact that this is my life and that it’s amazing.

I can’t explain this feeling with mere words or photos so I’ll just leave you with the knowledge and reassurance that I absolutely love my life, I’m so happy to be where I am at the moment and also, I’m going to sleep for a full week because I’m so tired!

I love you all!

Glastonbury 2016


What an experience! I would not be lying if I said that it’s right at the top with the best things I’ve done my whole life.. Amazing!

On the 19th of June myself and my sound engineer teacher-person went off to Glastonbury to do sound engineering/stage managing at the Strummerville stage, which is quite a big deal tbh. When we got to Castle Cary there was only one coach going to Glasto so we got on it and the bloody thing dropped us off at Gate A, which for you who don’t know is literally on the other side of Glasto to where we were going.. As no one wanted to give us a lift across the site we had to walk it, carrying all our things for 10 days and in the pouring rain. So much fun… It took us two hours through mud, rain and up a bloody hill to get there, but we got to the campsite eventually and then we spent 24h in the pissing rain.

On Tuesday most of the team had arrived and the rain had stopped, which meant we were off to set the rig up.. Ridiculously heavy equipment, but thankfully the Strummerville boys were kind enough to help us out! Then we had to do all the techincal stuff like connect everything, set all the extra speakers up and test the whole thing, but we took our sweet time doing that as the first live performance wasn’t until Thursday.

When Thursday came around I had a horrible hangover from being out and about on Wednesday evening seeing as that’s when the festival opened to the public and my favourite lecturer runs The Rum Shack (one of the grassroots hiphop stages) so I was there all night partying my ass off! But I was down at the site at 11 am on Thursday morning to find that there had been a flood on our stage because we had this wonderful tree going through the middle of it.. But once that was fixed it was back to working mode, lifting equipment and getting everything ready to rock and roll! Will did all the sound engineering throughout the weekend and myself and Mr. Dave Danger did the stage managing. Because of my horrible hangover I decided to go to bed early on Thursday and then kick off the weekend properly on Friday.

And so I did indeed! Friday was an easy day at work because we only had like one band and then DJs. Dave turned up with a horrible hangover which I found hilarious and left him to sit and try taking care of that whilst I did all the work and I then nagged his ear off for a while as payment haha! After everything was done I chilled with the DJs for a while, they were extremely nice (and probably very high on something) so it was a lot of fun to just hang with them for a bit before I headed down to the mayhem to meet up with my friend Ellie from Wildlife. Now, because Glasto is such a big festival and there’s a ridiculous amount of people it’s very hard to find someone but very easy to loose them. So by the time I got to where we were meeting Ellie had lost one of her mates and it took forever so in the end I decided I was going to go see Muse all on my own, which I enjoyed and I made some friends there anyway. I did however have a bit of an anxiety attack in the middle of the like 3rd song so I had to get out of there and before I managed to get to my tent I ran in to some other friends and partied all night long!

Saturday was another crazy day at work. As always we were there at 11am testing everything, but when I got down there I found this horrible iron bar thingy across the front of my stage and I was fuming, it was absolutely horrible! I got the fact that it was balancing out the speakers and what not but it was ridiculous and a lot of the acts complained throughout the day, but there was nothing I could do about it, sadly.. When everything was ready for the day everyone took of for a few hours before the first performer was on so I had a chance to OCD out and tidy the container with all the equipment, the backstage area and the stage.. I was a happy camper after that! Dave took off early that night leaving me to stage manage, which was fine, I like that he trusted me like that with the stage and artists and clean up and everything else, it made me work ten times harder and realise what it is to properly stage manage without that “safety net” or whatever. When the cleanup was done it was time for me to run across the muddy Glasto all the way to the Pyramid Stage to see Adele, and I made it just in time for the first note of “Hello”! We did however call it an early night and go back to our tents after her set, which was amazing!

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Sunday came along and it was the last day of “active Glasto” which made me very sad tbh.. Our surprise act didn’t bring any equipment as they’d just done a set on another stage and so they didn’t have time to pack everything down so Dave and I were running around trying to find guitars and bass and everything else a band needs to perform live, but it worked out and they packed Strummerville out! When it came to the clean up at the end of the day I could feel myself tearing up because I felt this amazing experience coming to an end and I just didn’t want it to… Will and I stuck around and had a beer by the campfire with all the Strummerville people and it was just lovely.

I can honestly say that it has been the best experience of my life. I might have been soaking wet, covered in mud and exhausted for about 95% of the time but I could have kept going every day for the rest of my life, I know this is what I want to do and what I love to do, I just hope more opportunities like this comes along because I can’t see myself doing anything else in this world.

I’d like to thank Ford and Will for bringing me along to Glasto and letting me work my ass off every day. And of course the one and only Mr. Danger who listened to me bitch about life and has taught me so many things about the thing I love to do, like I said, I’m coming for your job!

Until next year Glasto, it’s been emotional!

Falling in love with Brighton


I know I keep saying this but it isn’t any less true, if anything it just becomes stronger and stronger.

I went back down to Brighton this past weekend to help out at a weekend event called The Great Skinhead Reunion, which 13 year-old me was freaking out about. If you didn’t know I went through a punk phase and this weekend has been like a throwback to that time of my life.

Luckily though I had a lot of time off so I could go exploring the city. The first day I went with my friend Faye from uni, who was also my life saver during this weekend as her and her mother took me in to their home and let me stay there. I can honestly not thank them enough! She, however, showed me all the cool places where the locals hang, or whatever. But it was very nice having a townie with me showing me parts of the city I didn’t know about before.

I also went exploring with my new friend Bea and by myself. There is so much to see in the city that I feel like I always discover something new, and I make a conscious effort to take different routes to places and go in to different shops to see what I can find and discover. It is a magical city, however corny that sounds.

The event itself was fun as well. We did most of the work in the evenings, so turning up to set the rig up and then take it down after the live performances. I can honestly say that a) I’m very exhausted from doing nothing and b) skinheads are still some of the nicest, most fun-loving people I’ve ever met.

Anyway, I’m back in London now and I have a few days here before I head back down to work at Wildlife festival, and I’m actually getting payed this time around!!

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend as well!

All the love,

The Great Escape ’16



What an amazing weekend!!

Festival season has started for little old me and I could not have asked for a better festival to kick it off with than The Great Escape. For those of you who don’t know, The Great Escape is a city showcase festival with loads of artist playing from like 12pm to 3am all around venues in all of Brighton. I was lucky enough to be a volunteer, and even though we are at the very bottom of the hierarchy I still had a blast, learned so much and made amazing friends and contacts!

I arrived on Wednesday and went to my friend Sofia’s to drop my bag and have a quick catchup with her before heading down to registration and briefing. When I was down there they asked if a few of us could stay and help finish a box of goody bags that needed doing, naive little me thought that it wouldn’t take that long and that one box shouldn’t be that much… Hours. It took us hours to get through that bloody box..

Thursday was the very first day of the actual festival so I went to sign in and then to the North Lain Brewhouse, or as I call it, work. There I met Tyler who was the Sound Engineer Volunteer and when we finally managed to get inside we met Symond (Venue Rep), Sam (Sound Engineer) and Jack (some other important role that I can not for the life of me remember!) One hour in to the day and our backline hasn’t turned up for soundcheck and there’s bands missing and everything just seems to be going mad and Symond hands me the radio and says “I have to pop away for a bit, I’ll be back, but you’re in charge.” Yeah, inside I was panicking, on the outside I was as calm as can be. It went ok though, nothing really happened. We finally got another backline and the show went on, a bit late, but we managed to catch up the time we lost. At the end of the night I was so knackered I just went home and went to sleep, tbh.

Friday was a good day. Another show day and two of my friends came around which was very fun, got to spend some time with my people whilst doing what I love! At the end of the night I was very keen on going out, because why not? I somehow ended up in a club with Jack (boss person who’s role I can’t remember) and his mates and we were dancing, there was jagerbombs going around and before I knew it I was walking home at 4am. Safe to say Brighton people know how to party! I thought my Spanish side could take it but the level of my hangover the next day was ridiculous..

Saturday morning I got to the venue and asked for water, loads and loads of water and tea and just kept myself hydrated all the time because I was dying! Not only from my hangover but from tiredness as well.. The day was long but I had Paige there so we had a nice chat and then I went off to see Mindofalion to another venue as well so I had a little break. Somehow I was very keen on going out again but when I was heading home no one was going out and as soon as I got in to bed I got the text of where people were at.. Yeah, very annoying.. So I stayed in bed and had a very long and nice sleep!

Sunday was epic. The festival itself was over on Saturday and so all the staff and volunteers got free drinks from 12 to 6pm and I can promise you, we made good use of them free drinks! I was meant to just pop down for one drink and say proper goodbyes to the peeps but instead I started drinking beer and going to the photobooth and dancing and all of the sudden I was getting the 10.44pm train home which was so slow and annoying and I didn’t get home/fall asleep until like 2am, which normally wouldn’t bother me, but I had an exam this morning, hehe..

Anyway, the festival was amazing, Brighton was amazing and everything this weekend has just been amazing and fun. I can honestly say that I’ve come back from Brighton a changed person, being more honest with myself about what I want in life and how I’m going to get there.

So here’s to next year TGE!

Mean to be studying.

Hi everyone!

I know, I haven’t written in a very long time, but if you couldn’t tell from my last post I’m quite bussy at the moment and the lack of sleep is severe. I’m actually meant to be studying right now but instead I decided to take a small break and write in this blog of mine that I have abandoned.. 

So, how’s everything with you? How’s 2016 treating you so far? Was Valentine’s Day amazing?

I’m doing quite good considering life is very busy atm.. I have almost finished two assessments and made the library my new home so I now have three assessments left and one 30min presentation, shouldn’t be too hard.. (Please someone kill me now, I’m going insane!)

Today I interviewed for a placement at the very first Latin festival in London, and honestly seeing the lineup I’m excited! My childhood is coming to London and it’s going to be amazing! Really do hope I get this, should be an epic 24h! If I don’t get to work there I’ll just get tickets and go have some fun anyway hihi 🙂

I’m also hosting my very first concert, ever, tomorrow at the Star of Kings and it’s driving me insane, the stress is overwhelming and I almost canceled the whole thing last night but I’m ok now, kind of, sort of, not really, but if it all goes tits up me and whoever shows up are just gonna have a party and I’m getting ridiculously drunk to forget the total ass I made of myself. (Seriously, someone please kill me now!) 

Work has been kind of slow now and it’s only set to slow down even more, which sucks, so I guess when this stupid assessment month is over I’m going to be looking for a second job… I can’t not have a job, London is too expensive, specially with uni..

I’m now going to do some other kind of procrastination before heading back to uni in about 2h for my lesson… I’m so sleepy, all I want to do is sleep for a good 24h.. Also, mother dearest, when you read this go straight to your email and proof read the two assessments I’ve sent you so I can send them in asap, thanks!

Love you all loads! xxxx

Festival Feelies.

Yesterday I went to my very first festival.

It was not what I expected it to be, there was a lot more waiting around than I expected, specially between artists… Still, we had loads of fun! There were some great artists and some not so good, Carmi completely lost it when The Strokes came on stage (fifteen minutes late I might add) and she was not the only one that went crazy. People started pushing and squishing and people were falling over, stepping on each other and more than one, myself included, had panic/anxiety attacks and had to be lifted out of the area.

We did enjoy the concert however from the very safe back of the crowd and I have to say that I was happily surprised by The Strokes, they were actually quite good! When we finally made it home we had sunburns on our shoulders and pain in our feet so we cleaned up the room a bit, I got my blanket, teddies and I went to sleep on the floor after realising that Carmis bed is too small for two people.

This morning I got up early and came home, I have since, filmed a video, helped Mr. Boss Man, showered, packed, answered my 108 emails and now I am just chilling before we go get C from school, we have a very fun weekend planned!