It’s been an intense month, and it’s not finished just yet.

If you’re not aware because you have an actual life and what not, it’s been Brighton Festival, Fringe Festival and The Great Escape over here in our little town. Thankfully I’m not involved in all three, but just two of them.

Brighton Festival runs all month and working with the Dome I’m part of the technician team that runs about four venues, every night. It’s been nice to see all the shows and don’t even get me started on all the things I’ve learned, but damn we’ve been spread out so thin with staff so we have all been on 12-16h shifts all month.

The Great Escape is a weekend festival in the city and it is packed with so much music over so many venues (some including the venues I work at with the Dome). I helped out my uni with their stage one day and then I had actual work the rest of the days. On top of that I wanted to enjoy TGE as it is one of my favourite weekends of the year.

To say I am exhausted, constantly de-hydrated and that I haven’t been eating properly this whole month would be just about right. This past week my body has caught up with me. Had to go home early from work on Wednesday because I was feeling ill, went home early from my internship on Thursday because I was feeling ill, took my call time down from 14h to 4h yesterday and have the day off today because I just can not function. I’m so tired I just want sleep.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and my colleagues and I’m so happy that I have this situation and all the things I’m learning. However, I’m so tired and now and I just want to get on a flight and go to Sweden just to relax a little. Four more days of work and then I’m on that flight out and not coming back in two weeks.

Sorry about the rant and the complaining, just had to get it out somewhere and that’s why I have this little blog of mine! But I do love my job and my colleagues and festivals and my life and I really am happy with all of it, I’m just exhausted and naggy haha!


New Music: Lux Lisbon – When You Need Somebody

Photo Credit: Anna Nilsson

If you have been following my blog for a while you have seen the high amount of posts about a certain London band called Lux Lisbon. (if not here they are)

Carmi and I found this band back in 2014 (I believe) when they got in contact about their EP Get Some Scars which you can listen to here and then we went to see them live and I got hooked, right then and there. Since then I have been quite the fan and not missed a show in London, nor do I plan on missing the London and Brighton shows on their up coming UK tour this April. I promise it’s way less creepy than it sounds haha!

As the proper fan that I am, I of course signed up to Stu’s (lead vocalist) Monday email list and to their bandcamp, which means that this past Monday the 30th I got a glorious email with their new single When You Need Somebody. I can honestly say I’ve had it on repeat since I opened the email.

The song itself is written, recorded, mixed and produced by the band themselves as they are a completely DIY band. The firs verse tricks you in to thinking it’s going to be a calm and maybe even acoustic song as it has mainly piano and kick drum. However after that first chorus the rest of the band comes in with guitar, bass, the full drum kit and perfectly harmonised backing vocals by Charlotte (bass) and Tom (guitar). Fast forward (not literally, enjoy the song as it is!) to the middle of the song and you have a small guitar solo followed by one of two trumpet solos that this song blesses us with. This is something I’ve come to love and hope for in a Lux Lisbon song as many of their previous songs include trumpet and, in my humble opinion, it has become part of their sound. Stu then goes on to shock us all with the strength in his voice followed by Charlotte showing off how her voice just harmonises perfectly with Stu’s. The song then ends with the second trumpet solo.

I am personally someone who lives for the lyrics in a song, I like to be able to sing along with the song both at a concert and when I’m blasting it in the shower. Stu’s vocals are always incredibly clear so you can hear every word he says, which I highly appreciate as it makes it ever so easier to sing along. The lyrics in When You Need Somebody are catchy and I found that by the end of the first time I heard the song I could already sing along to the chorus. Something I find that they are very good at doing is writing lyrics that will, in one way or another, hit you right in the feels.

Anyway, I will stop boring you with words that will never do the song justice and let your ears be blessed with the incredible song that is When You Need Somebody

If you like what you’ve just heard, wether it be the first time you hear their music or if you are a loyal fan like myself, you can find all the details about their music, merch, and most importantly, their upcoming tour on their website luxlisbon.com

Gig Review: Glass Peaks at The Rocksteady

Photo Credit: glasspeaksband on Twitter

As you know Glass Peaks new single Speak and Spell came out last Friday. (If you somehow missed it click here) So of course, we went to the release concert.

John Parry, a four piece band named after it’s lead singer from London, kicked the night off with their funky singer-songwriter sound. Without even noticing I found myself nodding along to every song of their set without even knowing them.

The second opening band were a band called Tuys that flew over all the way from Luxembourg for the concert. From the very start I was impressed by their sound, dynamics on stage and just overall performance. I have to say that for a non-english speaking band there was not any trace of an accent when they were singing.

Then the main act came on, the moment everyone there had been waiting for: Glass Peaks.

They did an eight song performance starting with Stay, having their first release Your Eyes as the middle man and finishing their incredible set with the newest single Speak and Spell. I will be the one annoying person to say that the vocals do need a bit of work. I personally love to sing along to a song and if I can’t fully hear and understand what the singer is saying the performance looses some of it’s charm to me. However, the energy, both on stage and in the crowd, was amazing, a definite crowd pleaser and something I would encourage you to experience.

Their next gig will be on February 12th at the Amersham Arms in SE London. (FB event) And I would recommend you get your tickets ASAP as these boys have a habit of selling out their gigs quite quickly!

New Music! Glass Peaks – Speak and Spell

In the beginning of December I got introduced to this four-piece band from Kent who seem to be taking the alt-pop world by storm, so it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t tell you all about their new single that came out yesterday!

The Glass Peaks boys Lewis (vocals, guitar, synths), Jake (guitar), Grant (drums) and Alfie (bass) haven’t been a band that long yet, even when I saw them last month the concert was practically sold out and everyone in there except for me seemed to know all the lyrics to all the songs. So I believe it’s safe to say that they are making a name for themselves.

Photo: Ant Adams photography

If you ask them who their influences have been when creating their music they’ll mention people like Joy Division and The Smiths, Ben Howard, Foals, The Maccabees and White Lies. But even thought they have high influence from these great artists they are working hard on making their own sound stick out putting their niche touch on an already popular sound.

Their new single is called Speak and Smell and was produced by Kristofer Harris who has worked with artists like Bear’s Den, Clock Opera, Smoke Fairies. I won’t go in to much detail about the song since I strongly believe that music should be heard, not described by words.

But I will now stop stalling you and taking up your time and let you enjoy the incredible new single by Glass Peaks, Speak and Spell.

If you like what you’ve just heard Glass Peaks is supporting Independent Venue Week and playing at The Rocksteady (Dalston) TONIGHT! Come by and say hello, I myself will definitely be there enjoying some good company and great music.


Last night.

It’s the last few hours of the last night that I live in London, at least for now. And as tomorrow approaches I’ve come to think back on this last year where I’ve lived my day to day in the amazing, vibrant, wondrous place that is the City of London.

For years I had been dreaming about moving over here but I’d never in a billion years would have thought that it’d be as amazing has it’s been. All the opportunities I’ve had, all the adventures I’ve been on and concerts I’ve been to, but most of all, all the friends I’ve made.

I’ve been to so many concerts this past year, so many random, last minute gigs that I heard about through some friend who texted me, or even through facebook. I have broadened my music horizons so much because of all the people I’ve discovered and all the music my friends have sent me. I have discovered my true passion for live music.

I’ve experienced working at a venue where I’ve done the stage thing, where I was the one setting up the rig and making sure everything worked so Will could do the sound engineering. I’ve been the one introducing myself to artists in the street telling them that we need to work together. I have the most amazing job, which I absolutely love, at one of the most well known venues in Europe. I’ve worked with my lecturer at the UK Beatbox Championship and at this intimate launch event. I have worked at eight festivals this summer of which one is Glastonbury, freaking Glastonbury! I’ve had so many opportunities this year in live music that I can not thank my lucky stars enough for.

Last night I went to a goodbye concert for this artis who I did sound engineering for a while back and just saying goodbye to him brought a tear to my eye, so sitting here, having to write this makes me cry even more. Even though I know I’m coming back to London on Tuesday for the rest of the week, the worst part about leaving London is leaving all my friends. I’ve met so many amazing people over this year, so many true friends, the kind of friends who will help you out in the darkest of times, who don’t mind it when you call them crying in the middle of the night or talk about the same boy for hours and hours, the kind of people who will offer you their house when you have nowhere to live or help you find something else. The sort of people who are passionate, and bright, and loyal, and loving, supporting, caring, and I could list a thousand other characteristics that my friends here have but I’d be sat here until the early hours in the morning and we just can’t have that. I want to thank you all for taking such amazing good care of me and for letting me be a part of your lives this year. Don’t go thinking you’re getting rid of me, because you’re not, I just wanted to thank you for the time that has been up until now and for the many many years to come.

I guess I’m just feeling very emotional and wish I could pack you all up and take you with me to Brighton, but I know I can’t, and I know that everyone has their own life and we all need to follow our dreams (wherever the darn things might take us) but just know that I love every single one of you.

So here’s to more amazing memories and to the many many years to come. I might be moving, but I’m not disappearing and you’re sure as h not getting rid of me that easy.

Introducing: Free City

I would like to introduce to you one of my favourite bands, Free City. They have over 5000 likes on Facebook, more than 1100 followers on Twitter, almost 100K views on their YouTube channel and most importantly incredible amounts of talent and passion.

I could not even tell you how old I was when I met the Free City boys (Pablo Marinas, Sam Blossom, Miles Blossom and Alex Bocos) for the first time, and having gone to school and grown up with them I can’t help but feel incredibly proud of all they’re achieving through their music in just nine years.


When I went to Spain a few weeks back we met up for a beet to catch up and talk about their music and their recent month and a half long, self organised European tour.

Question: How did you all meet and form the band?

Answer: We all met in school and shared our love for skateboarding and music. We started messing around with instruments and it kind of just happened, teaching each other how to play.

Q: What musical influences affected your sound as a band?

A: We listen to different styles of music but are specifically influenced by American and Spanish punk rock bands and other styles like metal or grunge, but we don’t particularly like to label music.

Q: What inspires your political lyrics?

A: They are mostly inspired by social problems that affect us and the people that surround us. As well as injustice and what we could do to change the world and make it a better place, fight repression really.

Q: You’ve just been on your first European tour, how was that?

A: It was somewhere in between work and vacation. A lot of work but it’s what we love doing: travelling and finding new places to play.

Q: How was the process when deciding that you were indeed going on a European tour?

A: It was new for us, we didn’t really know what to expect. We improvised gigs and played in the streets visiting country that we didn’t plan playing in, like Holland. It was also a lot of work getting everything ready, but totally worth it.

Q: Any funny stories or any specific moment you will always remember?

A: Touring gives you lots of funny memories, on the second day we thought we wouldn’t survive. Peib (Pablo) hit Sam in the head during our first show and blood was dripping down his (Sam’s) face while we kept on playing. On the second Day, the cops made Maus (Miles) fall from a second floor while he was climbing. Lots of partying, singing and a 17h drive that won’t be forgotten either!

Q: What’s your favourite thing of being in Free City? (writing/recording/gigging)

A: It’s all part of being in a band really, they all have their good things. I think the best part is seeing the reaction when people sing something you’ve been working on and they get to feel what you do when we play it live.

Q: Do you see yourselves doing something other than music in the future?

A: I (Pablo) don’t think we could do anything else, and we had to, we couldn’t live without it.

So there you go, that’s Free City for you, the incredibly mad punkies that are taking the world by storm. Enjoy their most recent music video for their single ‘Tormenta de Miedos’ from their newest album Atemporal, and remember that you heard about them here first!

The Great Escape ’16



What an amazing weekend!!

Festival season has started for little old me and I could not have asked for a better festival to kick it off with than The Great Escape. For those of you who don’t know, The Great Escape is a city showcase festival with loads of artist playing from like 12pm to 3am all around venues in all of Brighton. I was lucky enough to be a volunteer, and even though we are at the very bottom of the hierarchy I still had a blast, learned so much and made amazing friends and contacts!

I arrived on Wednesday and went to my friend Sofia’s to drop my bag and have a quick catchup with her before heading down to registration and briefing. When I was down there they asked if a few of us could stay and help finish a box of goody bags that needed doing, naive little me thought that it wouldn’t take that long and that one box shouldn’t be that much… Hours. It took us hours to get through that bloody box..

Thursday was the very first day of the actual festival so I went to sign in and then to the North Lain Brewhouse, or as I call it, work. There I met Tyler who was the Sound Engineer Volunteer and when we finally managed to get inside we met Symond (Venue Rep), Sam (Sound Engineer) and Jack (some other important role that I can not for the life of me remember!) One hour in to the day and our backline hasn’t turned up for soundcheck and there’s bands missing and everything just seems to be going mad and Symond hands me the radio and says “I have to pop away for a bit, I’ll be back, but you’re in charge.” Yeah, inside I was panicking, on the outside I was as calm as can be. It went ok though, nothing really happened. We finally got another backline and the show went on, a bit late, but we managed to catch up the time we lost. At the end of the night I was so knackered I just went home and went to sleep, tbh.

Friday was a good day. Another show day and two of my friends came around which was very fun, got to spend some time with my people whilst doing what I love! At the end of the night I was very keen on going out, because why not? I somehow ended up in a club with Jack (boss person who’s role I can’t remember) and his mates and we were dancing, there was jagerbombs going around and before I knew it I was walking home at 4am. Safe to say Brighton people know how to party! I thought my Spanish side could take it but the level of my hangover the next day was ridiculous..

Saturday morning I got to the venue and asked for water, loads and loads of water and tea and just kept myself hydrated all the time because I was dying! Not only from my hangover but from tiredness as well.. The day was long but I had Paige there so we had a nice chat and then I went off to see Mindofalion to another venue as well so I had a little break. Somehow I was very keen on going out again but when I was heading home no one was going out and as soon as I got in to bed I got the text of where people were at.. Yeah, very annoying.. So I stayed in bed and had a very long and nice sleep!

Sunday was epic. The festival itself was over on Saturday and so all the staff and volunteers got free drinks from 12 to 6pm and I can promise you, we made good use of them free drinks! I was meant to just pop down for one drink and say proper goodbyes to the peeps but instead I started drinking beer and going to the photobooth and dancing and all of the sudden I was getting the 10.44pm train home which was so slow and annoying and I didn’t get home/fall asleep until like 2am, which normally wouldn’t bother me, but I had an exam this morning, hehe..

Anyway, the festival was amazing, Brighton was amazing and everything this weekend has just been amazing and fun. I can honestly say that I’ve come back from Brighton a changed person, being more honest with myself about what I want in life and how I’m going to get there.

So here’s to next year TGE!