Summer 2017 in 80 photos

I’m sat in my fleeze in my living room waiting for work and uni to start back up in the coming weeks; all this means that summer 2017 is over.

I’ve honestly had the best season in a very long time. I’ve worked ridiculous hours in ridiculous conditions, seen and experienced things I never thought I would, created memories with friends that will last a lifetime.

To everyone who has been with me in this crazy ride we’ve called summer and festival season: thank you for everything and I love you so much.

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Mengelkamp Family Reunion 2016


I’m just sitting on the flight on my way back home to London after an amazing few days in France with the Mengelkamp clan. 

I flew in on Tuesday morning after having little to no sleep at all and it has been a constant stream of fun things with the family. We first went on a boat where I can honestly say half of my bodyweight just melted away because it was so boiling hot! After that we headed over to a ranch where they have bulls for razing, not bullfighting, if that makes it any better (hint, it doesn’t). There we got to see how they bring all of the bulls together and then separate four one by one. They were also kind enough to show us how they mark the bulls… Safe to say myself and two of my cousins were “disgusted in the human race”, as one of them described it. We then got to have a lovely dinner in the company of about three thousand mosquitos who decided I was their dinner. 

Wednesday was a day for tree climbing and zip lining! Myself, my mother, uncle and three cousins headed off to a place right next to where we were living and spent a solid four hours there up in the trees. It was so much fun! Also very physically challenging and hot, but that’s beside the point now haha! I do however have to mention how proud I am of my mother. She has had vertigo now for a solid twelve years and she cowgirled up and climbed that tree like her life depended on it! And not only a tree, she climbed the side of a bridge, zip lined over a river and, if that wasn’t enough, when we did the hardest/highest course she was at the front of the group leading us like the queen she is! When myself and two of my cousins grabbed the bikes and went home, my mother stayed back with some other Mengelkamps and did yet another course, GO MUM! Wednesday evening was for Colombian food, games and magic as my Colombian aunt’s family came over cooked food for us and then invited us to join them in some very fun games.

Thursday we went to see an old castle. When you put it like that it sounds quite boring but I enjoy seeing old castles, forts and houses, don’t know why… Maybe I just find it fascinating imagining how they would have lived there way back when. Anyway, my parents and I went there with two of my cousins. We climbed up that hill, then up to the castle and climbed in through the ruins of said castle. There was also a little play going on called “the great battle” which was very entertaining, even though we understood nothing because they were speaking french… When we got home we all went for a swim before going to a night market in the next town over. 

The last day was Friday. One of my cousins suggested that we went canoeing and so we rallied up the troops and headed off. It took us about 1h to get there, then FOUR hours to paddle through 15km in the burning sun and then 1h back. The ride itself was lovely, there was quite a few rapids so it wasn’t dull at all and we stopped to take a bath every now and then which was greatly appreciated as it was like 38ºC out and not one cloud to be seen anywhere! I’m now a living, walking, human tomato because I’m so sunburned.. Let’s just hope it turns in to a nice tan haha! When we got back to the house and had all applied like five ayers of aloe gel on our sunburns it kind of hit us that it was the last night together and we got kind of sad. Grandma cooked us a lovely pasta dinner and everyone who was left in the house sat down for a family meal before all of us started dropping out and heading to bed.

When we woke up this morning there was just time to pack the last things, having breakfast, saying goodbye and heading off or dad’s head would have exploded. They dropped me at the airport and here I am now, writing this little blog post about my wonderful four days with my family in sunny France.


Us Mengelkamps we’re not blood related, we’re not all born and bread in the same place, we don’t spend every summer and christmas together but we are family. A multicultural, multi-age, ginormous, very weird and odd family, but family nevertheless. I had this conversation with my uncle whilst having dinner the other day, whenever we all get together it’s all so simple and nice. No one has to pretend to be someone they’re not, there is no stress, there is no complications, nothing. So this one goes out to all my aunts, uncles and cousins from all different countries and cultures; to my amazing grandparents who have brought us all together and to my parents and sister, wether you were there this time around or not: thank you for being my family.

Ps. Stay tuned for a lovely video of this holiday over on my youtube channel

Summertime Ball

Here’s the 29h.

Firstly sorry for not updating whilst the whole adventure was happening but my phone died quite a few times, really need to get myself a new battery…

So, we met up at like 8pm on Friday and went to a McDonalds and sat there until 11pm when they closed. Then we went straight to the stadium and set up camp. At this point we were third in line so we were quite happy! It was super windy and horrible, first we tried to share one single duvet and sleep on the other, this failed miserably, then we each got our own duvets and tried sleeping on the cold hard ground (taylor swift reference alert!). At about 1am we had given up any hope for sleep and started talking to the new girls that had arrived (Germany and Scotland). At 2am Billie Jean and 14 got there so we had even more friends! After chatting and chatting 14 went on a McDonalds run and brought us hot chocolate back 🙂 At this point we got about 1.30/2h sleep..

When we woke up I sat in the toilets for a while with Scotland and Germany and chatted, there was a lot of chatting going on, as you’d expect from 14h queuing haha! Carms woke up, the first twenty-five of us numbered ourselves and squished together so no one could go past, haha!

Around 11.30-ish Carms and I got our Domino’s delivery and had pizza as basically the only meal until that point, but oh! so lovely, so perfect! After a lot of waiting and getting to know each other it was finally time to go in! And just our luck, the two gates we manage to get to first didn’t work, so we got to a third one and got in. Second row behind Scotland and 59, then there were only two hours left until the whole thing started.

The concert itself was amazing! Every artist gave it a hundred precent and was very engaging with the audience and really seemed like they enjoyed it, which is always good if you are a performer haha!

My absolute favourite was Kelly Clarkson, that woman literally got me through my teenage years and means so freaking much. I can not believe still that I’ve seen her live! So thankful that she did some good old classics like “My life would suck without you” and “Since you’ve been gone”.

One Direction are a very close second, obviously haha! But again, I was not correctly paced. I swear I will never learn… Anyway, their performance was incredible, they were fooling around like normally and yeah, I actually think I like them more as a foursome than as a five-some, sorry not sorry. Like, I still miss Zayn’s high notes but that’s really all he gave..

Now that you’re all done killing me for saying that, there were a lot of other performances that I loved. Rixton is a the very top, not because it’s Rixton, never really been a fan more than of “Broken heart” but they were really good on stage, super happy about that! Ne-Yo, Florida and Jason Derulo were all great as well, very engaged with the audience and suuuper good vocals! Olly Murs, Meghan Trainor, Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande were super good too, I’m mostly impressed by how Ariana Grande could dance in those heals, I mean dajum giiirl! There were a few artists that really didn’t need to be there like LunchMoney Louis, Nathan Sykes, Carly Ray Jepsen, Jess Glynne and Omi, like they were only time fillers really. Rita Ora, Little Mix and Fifth Harmony were good but I’m not really a fan so I wasn’t really bothered tho… Before the show we were having a laugh saying like “yeah, I’m here for Pitbull” but that completely hit back. That man knows how to put on a show, even if he is like 100 years old haha! Avicii was a great way to end the show, my Swedish home-boy! We were dancing sooo much, everyone was more relaxed and just having fun, it was literally like a sadium-sized party!

There’s a funny story about Martin Garrix haha! So, we thought he’d been standing watching the show from like the middle of the stage where they had the control panels, and when the were presenting his act he was still standing there which confused the f*ck out of all of us. I turned to Carmi and said “what if he has a twin bother and that’s him, and we’ve all been thinking we’ve been seeing Martin Garrix this whole time!” so we asked around but no one actually knew if he had a brother, but yeah, I called it. That was his brother, and in my personal opinion, he’s hotter than Martin. But Martin’s performance was on point! Now that’s a DJ that connects and interacts with the audience!

And yeah, that’s all the artists!

After the concert we made our way outside and when we were walking to the tube we realised there was no way we would make it on the tube now so we went to Pizza Express and shared a pizza before then heading to the tube. The plan was for me to sleep over at Carmis but since she just moved in and has literally nothing we decided that having one rubbish night was enough haha!

I got home at about 12.40am after the bloody train broke down, and I went straight to sleep.

There will be a vlog coming up tomorrow on my youtube channel and on here about the whole day so stay tuned for that!

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Just a few of the gazillion photos and videos I have of Saturday haha!

Almost Time.


This morning I’ve had a long shower, painted my nails, shaved my legs and just taken care of myself and I can now happily say I am ready to camp out!

We’ll be going to get C in about 10min, then I have 5h work before I get on a train and go to Wembley Stadium where I’ll be sitting my pretty bum down all night and all of tomorrow.

Literally 24h until I see One Direction for the first time this year and for the third time ever. SO EXCITED!

Anyway, I’ll try an blog every now and then but I need to save battery as much as possible, I’ll try tho!


I have woken up this morning with sunburns.

I have very fair skin so I knew this would happen, but surprisingly it’s not as much as I’d expected it to be and it will probably be gone by tonight so yeah, glas half full and what not haha!

Today is super exciting! I have the morning off, hence why I am still in bed, then I’m working for five hours and then I’m off to London to camp out for the Summertime Ball!! I’m going to have a little “beauty session” now during the morning so I am ready to go as soon as I put little C to bed tonight at 8pm.

Anyway, I am super super super excited and I am so looking forward to this little adventure! Hopefully Carms will have found her camera charger and we can vlog this! 😀